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  1. I tried signing up and clicked your "Follow" button. I put in all my info and I never got an e-mail. I clicked again to send me an e-mail and didn't get one. I checked my spam and it's not there. This is the last message I received when I tried to sign up. "We've sent you a new validation email" What do I do next? Thank you! :)

    1. I'm not sure why it's not working for you - maybe follow with Bloglovin instead? That's what I use and it's fantastic!

    2. I thought I'd let you know it worked. :) I got e-mail the next day, so guess I was too impatient thinking the mail would come right away. :) Thanks for your reply. :)

  2. I love this new sight! Just out of curiosity, could you add more pics to your tumbler? We are a lot alike and I love seeing your inspiring photos.

  3. Hi Elle!
    I loved your allthatglitters21 blog and have read almost everything you posted. I've been keeping up with too, but it wasn't the same. In fact, me and one of my friends were just talking about a week ago how much we missed your old blog - and voila! this happens. I love that your blogging again!! I am actually starting one of my own blogs too (I was inspired by my blog roll that I read literally every morning) and I've got everything planned out. But I just can't decide between wordpress and blogger. How did you end up deciding?? And also, are you ever going to do guest posts or anything like that? Or have a forum like on cause those were really helpful! Anyways, love you and your blog Elle!
    -- Mia

    1. Hi! I'm so happy that you are excited about this blog! I prefer blogger because I am familiar with it, and it is linked to my google account, which makes everything super easy. As for the guest posts or the forum - maybe! I'm sure this website will grow with time :) Welcome to the DIB family!

  4. I'm so excited you started this!! I almost started crying when was gone!! I can't wait to read all of your posts! You are such an inspiration to me! Love you Elle!

  5. Hey Elle! I started watching your YouTube videos from the very beginning, you were the one who got me interested in makeup and beauty. Because of your inspiration I recently started a beauty blog a few years ago. I was hoping you could check out my blog and give me some feedback. It would be nice to get some constructive criticism from a pro.
    Can't wait to read your posts!
    :) Chelsey

  6. i'm so happy that your doing this blog, i absolutely adore your youtube videos! you're definitely one of my biggest role models! i am still young, therefor just starting with makeup but you are still a huge help! Keep making videos! i love them so much and will always continue to watch them! your videos are exactly what im interested in! i kind of want to start some of my own youtube videos about the same stuff yours are. i love your glitteratures, and i want to do videos about makeup, hair , skincare, nails and just girl things. but i dont know how to tell my parents or how to get started, and things like that. please respond. thanks soooo much!


  7. Hey Elle,
    I love your videos, they have inspired me to look within myself and find the beauty within, which is what my youtube channel is called. If you wouldn't mind as to go to that channel and subscribe to me. Maybe give me some feedback on what I can do to better my beauty channel. I would also like to contact you with some personal stuff if you have the time.
    God Bless,
    Kayla Powell

    p.s. message me on youtube 'thebeautywithin1995'

  8. Hey Elle,

    I have been a fan of both yours and Blair's YouTube channels for the past couple of years, all of which I really enjoy and find to be quite interesting and informative.

    I understand that you are probably super busy, but I was wondering if you would ever consider doing a short interview (just answering questions over email) for my Master's thesis on the impact of social media on cosmetics advertising and marketing?



  9. Hey Elle!

    If you haven't already thought about it, I think it'd be a good idea to collect all of your most asked questions and put them onto a page on your blog! Then, people wouldn't have to keep asking you the same questions. And, it would be easier for viewers to look at than reading the Tuesday Tea comments :).

  10. Hi Elle!

    So excited for your new blog, love all the posts already.
    I know you talked about how it is in your morning routine to check out different blogs kind of like your own in the morning, so I was just wondering if you could do a post listing some of your favorite blogs to read?

    Thanks girl

  11. Hi Elle,
    I love your blog! Congrats!
    Ive been loving your videos, recently,I love that you've been uploading a lot! Pleasee do a hair care routine, I'd love to see it! Love your new condo btw!
    Good Luck,

  12. Elle, you are so amazing! I sent you an email concerning my store! Did you get it?
    Love, Salli

  13. PS check out my blog!

  14. Elle, is it possible for you to provider me with the webmaster information, that did you blogger layout, that would be extremely thoughtful

  15. Hi Elle, I just want to say that you're such a great inspiration in my life.I love your blog and love reading your reviews on different Products!
    You and your sister really deserves all the success, you guys are amazing! lots of love!

  16. hi Elle!!!
    I just want to say you are the one that made me love make up and my frinds say I am pretty good at it. And that is because of you I hope your decorating is coming along.
    Guess what it is my birthday soon on July 3rd!!!
    I don't want to sound greedy I am turning 13 and it would be soo awesome if you can and maybe shout me out in your next video that would be the best birthday present EVER!!!!

    thank you I will keep watching
    -Samantha (sammi) detweiler

  17. Hi Elle,
    First off I'd like to say I love your blog. How did you make your blog header, did you make it or was it made for you. Thank you.


  18. Hi elle, i really want to start a blog/website like you have. and i was wondering what you use to make your website. Do you use blogger? because ive tried that but the url adress has .blogspot.con it the end i dont want that.So what system do you use? thanks xoxo

  19. Hi Elle! I love your videos and I love this website! I was just wondering what happened to because I typed in the address and nothing came up. Also I started a new blog; I hope you check it out!

  20. Hi Elle! I just wanted you to know that you are my favorite youtuber/blogger of all time. I really look up to you as a role model and idealize you. I really like this blog in addition to your youtube channel, so that I can learn about more products that you like because I really trust your opinion of products. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to create a successful blog because I was thinking of starting my own blog.

  21. Hi! I love all of your YouTube videos they help me understand more about the beauty world we love in as I am just starting to take interest though I was wondering was breed it pinecone because I think it is the most flawless and beautiful cat I've seen!

  22. Hi, Elle!

    So, as a newly obsessed makeup fanatic, I am having difficulties with something... my best friend is getting married next June in the Dominican Republic, so it is definitely going to be very hot outside. I was wondering if you had any specific recommendations for products to use? I am on a very strict budget, but since it is a year away, I figured I had some time to save up for products that won't melt away while she's saying "I Do". I have pretty severe combination skin (where it is super dry, yet super's confusing), and I suffer from acne and scarring and discoloration. I also have a lot of redness in my skin. I want something that is lightweight, but decent coverage, and any other tips you may have for keeping my makeup on all day/night. She isn't hiring a professional, so we're left to fend for ourselves!

    By the way, I absolutely adore your blog! Please help me :) xoxo


  23. Hello Elle! I've been following your youtube channel for about a year now and I just want to say, youre really a great inspiration! You inspired me a lot the past year, be it with you makeup tutorials or just a random "chat" with us, your viewers. If some haters try to put you down, remember, we will always be behind you and be your listening ear! All the best. Also, I would literally die if you follow me back on Instagram, @jermainewangx :) Love, Jermaine, SG x

  24. Hello elle, will your new book also be available in Belgium?
    If not can I order it online and get it shipped to Belgium?


  25. HELLO Elle, can you do a tutorial on how you made your blog, starting on how to create the web page. I really want to start a blog but I do not want to use blogger o wordpress, I would like my own page like your.
    Thank you :)

    1. I would like to know that too Elle!! How did you get your own domene (the .com adr)?

  26. Hiya Elle! I just wanted to say I have been watching you and blair for a year and you have no idea how much I love you girls! It's my dream to meet you and your sister and I would meet you two over any tv star or singer because you are real you sit down and talk about you and I love that everyone who gets the chance to meet you says you are are the nicest girls ever!!!:) I was upset that you weren't doing a meet up in Jersey because that is only a few hours from me and I thought you know what Elle always stays positive so I will and maybe you will do a meet up on the east coast right??:))

  27. Hello Elle, My name is Awesta (Uh-WEST-Uh). I've been watching your videos for a long time and I know that you've taken Acutane in the past. I have pretty severe acne and I've been trying to decide if I should take it or not. I am very aware of all the possible side effects, but my main concern is that I have VERY dry skin. Everything that I've used to treat my acne that has helped completely dries my skin up, makes me peel, and results in dull, unhealthy looking skin *cough cough Proactiv*. Is your skin as dry as it was before? I'm worried that it might go horribly wrong because I don't have the typical combination/oily skin that most people have with acne. What do you recommend?

  28. Can you please make a tutorial on how you made your blog? it would be SO helpfull!

    I have my own blog and i would be super happy if you could share how you got your .com adr!

    Thanks :)

  29. Hi Elle!
    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your videos! I know that sometimes people will leave negative comments but i just want you to know that there are people like me who wait for each of your videos every single day! I feel like you are such a positive person. You have made such and impact on my life and every time i get sad I watch your videos and feel stronger and more positive. Thank you for everything and all your videos! They mean the world, especially to me :)


  30. Hi Elle, I'm loving your new blog.I have followed you for a long time now and love your videos and blogs. I wondered if you would have a look at my blog, I am new to fashion and make up, but thought I would give blogging a go to share my views.
    Vicky x

  31. HI! I love your new blog it looks so professional and pretty! I love your youtube videos too! I am sort of starting a goal for my junior year in highschool to post once a day kind of like a diary. It would mean so much if you checked it out because even though I'm content to write for myself, it would be nice to know someone out there is listening :) It's :)

  32. Hi Elle,
    I didn't know if you knew this or not, but you are featured (sort of) on a baby name site. If you go to nameberry and search elle or blair, on the page for the names it shows famous people with name. Both you and Blair are on the pages for your respective names. Thought you might want to see it if you haven't already!

  33. Hi Elle,
    I want to make my own fashion/ blog but the name is really making me stumble. I can't find one i love. Since you have many creative great usernames for everything and you are my favorite beauty guru I thought to maybe ask you! I would really appreciate if you get back to me asap!

  34. Hey Elle! I have been watching your videos for years and you are so beautiful and a great inspiration for girls. I was wondering if you could make a video about appropriate make up looks for Rush? I am Rushing this January and I was wondering if you could tell me and other girls what makeup is appropriate for Rush. And if its not too much trouble could you make a fashion video about appropriate attire for rushing in winter? Thank you so much for all the hard work you do! It's much appreciated! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  35. Hi Elle! Please please do a review on Requiem! I'm so unsatisfied with the ending and would like to know how you feel about it! Thanks! ^____^

  36. Hi Elle, Your YouTube account send me an email stating that I have won one of the giveaways and I have just filled in forms providing my home address only to discover it is some marketing scam to obtain my private information. The email was very misleading and in breach of privacy laws!

  37. Hi Elle! I received an email from you/YouTube saying that I won your latest giveaway. Was it spam? My name is Emily DeWitt and below is a copy of the email. I got so excited, but worried that it was spam instead.

    Elle Fowler has sent you a message
    You can reply to this message by visiting your inbox.
    To:Emily DeWitt

    Dear Emily DeWitt , you won my most recent giveaway which I ended a bit earlier because I will need to take a couple weeks break due to some personal stuff, anyways I will post tomorrow a video with the winners but till then please make sure to go to the link below and complete the form and I will reply to you as soon as I get your message, please be aware that you need to do that in 24 hours otherwise I will unfortunatelly have to pick another person.


    Have a nice day, Elle

  38. Aloha Elle,
    Your site is awesome!!!
    I would love to send you a comp bottle of my perfume oil "Bootzie Oil" made on Maui!
    Do you have a mailing address?
    let me know.
    I have a boutique in Maui that is a celebrity favorite and this is our signature scent.
    A Luxuriously Luscious Blend of essential and perfume oils. Warm Vanillas and Hawaiian Florals. Mysterious & Mesmerizing loved by men and women.

  39. Thank you so much for inspiring me to make a blog of my own. Through reading yours I realized that it was exactly what I needed to be doing myself! Now if I can just figure out how to work...any of the website. Haha

  40. I found your site is very interesting & informative I would like to invite you to visit our blog Beauty Blog


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