Sunday, May 1, 2016

12 Days in a Suitcase, 3 Trips in 1!

I write to you from my fiancés' parents house in chilly New York. I'm currently in the midst of a 12 day trip to 3 different places, and decided to film a video on what I packed. I love watching people's packing videos; how they organize and choose pieces for where they are going, so I thought I would share mine with you. 

The mission was as follows: 
Attempt to pack in a carry on. 
Pack as minimalisticly as possible while still having everything I need. 
Use my "small" suitcase (my 27in Bric's suitcase). (I also have a 32in Tumi one that is my go-to one... so the 27in was downsizing quite a bit!)

The trip would be as follows: 
1 Travel Day by Plane
1 Day in Manhattan
1 Travel Day by Train
2 Days in Poughkeepsie at Alex's parents house
1 Travel Day by Train
2 Days in Manhattan
1 Travel Day by Plane
2 Days in Barbados
1 Travel Day by Plane

Here's the clothing I packed:
Express Boyfriend Blazer:
Lilly Pulitzer White Sweater:
Madewell Chambray Shirt:
T by Alexander Wang Striped Top:
Express Rolled Sleeve V Neck:
Express Red Hi Lo Dress:
Joe Fresh Black Dress:
Express Black Hi Low Dress:
Madewell Black Jumpsuit:
Kate Spade Dress: No Longer Available
Blue Jumpsuit: No Longer Available
Silk Maxi Dress: No Longer Available
Hot Pink Ted Baker Dress: No Longer Available 
Joie Linen Shorts:
Madewell Straight Jeans:
Abercrombie Boyfriend Jeans:
Skinny Jeans: No Longer Available 
Madewell Necklace:
Brown Madewell Shoes: No Longer Available
Black Sam Edelman Shoes:
White Converse:
Madewell Panama Hat:
Rose Gold Flip Flops:
Celine Trio Bag: Not Available Online

Watch the video if you want to see exactly how I packed these items, as well as what beauty items and accessories I packed!

Would you guys like to see a more detailed blog post on the makeup shown in this video and my reasoning for choosing it? Would you have packed any differently?

Also, if you want to watch my trip, I am daily vlogging! Watch the playlist here


  1. OMG! I cannot believe you're in Poughkeepsie! I live about 20 minutes south of Poughkeepsie! You're so close! :)I love everything you picked and of course, the video!! So good! Enjoy your trip!!!

    xo Adriana - Daily Dose of Design

  2. I would love you hear why you packed lash glue but no lashes! ��

    1. I forgot emojis don't show up, so *winking smiley with tongue out* - haha!

  3. I loved th vid and would love to know more about your makeup choices (and colour of foundation :) as well as your carry on bags ect. These types of videos are amazingly fun to watch 😌 Hope you are having a terrific time Elle!

  4. amazing dresses!! I love your sense of fashion.

  5. Awesome post! I am moving soon and I would love to see some tips for that! I also just started a blog...super new but any support is greatly appreciated! IG: @cab_beauty Twitter: @cab_beautyy

  6. I'm going to Italy for 2 weeks and I'm packing everything in one medium sized suitcase! I considered a carry-on, but realised that was taking it a bit too far haha

    Angel x

  7. I love all the items you packed! The best part is they are so versatile so you could mix and match with many different outfits.

    Brittany |

  8. Definitely should have packed a jacket though lol. Good to see you posting as always Elle!!

  9. Definitely should have packed a jacket though lol. Good to see you posting as always Elle!!

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  11. Great article. It's amazing how many outfits you can make out of a few items. Looking forward to reading more from you!

  12. Cuuute. Can I swap wardrobes with you please? I have an abundance of plain t shirts and also hoodies that don't belong to me that I've somehow accumulated.

    xo hellomoonies

  13. Love this post, well done you! Really looking forward to your next one now. Please take a look at my blog if you get a moment. xx

  14. Great post! Loved it!

  15. So you are not married yet to Alex Goot like Joshleen isn't either, Jenny & Drew, Mindy & Drew, whoever was 5'2" is Mindy, in the size 4 Converses, what about "All of Me" by John Legend or Stephens, is Claire Browning real/for real, she is related to Rupert Grint who is "Laura did the same thing as me!".

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  17. great post! I always have problems with packaging so this will help me for sure! :D

  18. Love that red dress! This is such a wonderful post :)

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  21. Love it when my favourite bloggers do pieces like this about what they pack, and making outfit work!!! You have to check out some of our cuteness!

  22. I love blogs that lay out outfits with the perfect amount of clothes needed. Always helpful for travel.

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  25. I miss your blog posts. Hoping you're well <3

  26. this is such a helpful post, mostly people overpack!


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