Monday, March 28, 2016

The Mysterious Case of the Abercrombie Changer

Let me take you back in time, back many a year ago, where this story begins.

The first time I discovered Abercrombie and Fitch I was in middle school, back to school shopping, when we walked by a store that smelled like a teenage boy. We walked in and my mom ended up buying me my very first A&F shirt (a burnt orange, very unattractive, graphic tee that I had to have). Abercrombie was my very first fashion crush, the first store that I would literally make me weak in the knees. I would go in there every time we went to the mall, even though it was way too expensive for me, and I dreamed of working there. (Dream big, 12 yr old Elle.)

When I was 15 I walked into an Abercrombie on this very type of day, a "I wanna just stare at all the clothes" day, a bored summer day, and met the boy that became my very first love. He got me my first "real job" there, and we spent a few summers working there together. I worked there all through high school and college.

You could say it has a very special place in my heart.

But, as the years went on Abercrombie became... stagnant. I outgrew the fashions, and their fashions outgrew fashion (seriously, what even happened to that store?!) until I all but forgot about it. Until last week...

My mom needed a denim jacket, and asked me to see if they had any, and oh my goodness, what happened to this store? Did they get bought out? *Googles "Did Abercrombie get bought out?"* *OMG THEY DID.* Well, not exactly, but basically they were going bankrupt so they changed the whole store, and I like it

I promptly placed an order and I am so pleased with everything. Here's what I got:

They even have leggings with stirrups, which I have looked for everywhere. They even sell black now. When I worked there they adamantly never sold black ever ever ever. 

1. Drapey Knot Front Tee: I bought this top in 3 colors, white, grey, and the navy stripes, and I'm so glad I did. This is so flattering, and gives a little something to an otherwise plain tee. 

2. Low Rise 4 Inch Denim Shorts: I bought these to suit my needs of wanting short shorts that weren't too short. I'm not 15 anymore, I don't want my butt hanging out of my jeans (I mean... I want it to almost hang out, but not quite. It's a fine line.) and these shorts are perfect. I approve. 

3. Dark Brown Leather Flip Flops: I wanted a classic pair of flip flops to wear to the beach this summer, and to Target, and around the house, and, well, I live in flops like these. So into the cart they went. I love them, they are very comfy with a bit of a cushion to it. 

4. Crochet Bralette: This was a bit of a WTF purchase to be honest. I'm not sure why I thought my 32DDD's would fit nicely into a bralette by a brand known for flat chested models, but actually, it's not too bad. I might wear this under something, or not, I'm not sure. 

5. Lace Trim Printed Short: I feel that these is an item that people will either love and see the fashion to it, or hate and think I shopped in an old ladies sewing bag. I happen to be the former, and I love them. I wore them on the plane to Punta Cana and they were the perfect traveling shorts. 

Overall, I'm super impressed and Abercrombie is coming back onto my radar, and not just for nostalgic reasons. 

Talk soon
xx Elle


  1. Man, back in middle school and part of high school, I HAD to have A&F everything. Shout out to my parents for paying the absurdly high prices for mediocre quality that I'm embarrassed to have worn now. ( I don't know what sacrifices they had to make to do that, but they somehow did it. The real MVPs.

    But I still kind of like the smell when I walk by the store. It reminds me of all the little boys I had crushes on back in the day and writing notes to my girffriends about them, using code names in case a teacher got hold of one. Good times.

  2. Cute brown sandals! Do you have any wedding dress pics. to show, I remember how fun it was to shop for mine. If you guys like reading please grab a copy of my novel "Fright Night", it's a thriller on itunes …

  3. I stopped shopping at those places for the same reason, but after the controversy from the CEO, I can't see myself ever shopping there again. That kind of stigma and discrimination isn't something that I want to support

  4. that still doesn't change the fact that they disrespect and put down people who do not fit into a very specific category (aka the cool, skinny, rich kids). i hope they go bankrupt, they most definitely deserve it!

  5. Elle, please make blog posts about your wedding stuff! I am SUPER interested in the colors you're picking, flowers, etc. I love your taste and weddings so basically it'll be a dream come true! Aisha inspired the comment, which is why it is so off A&F topic.

  6. I was never super in to Abercrombie as a kid because I always thought that it was a little too overpriced for the quality. But I just popped in to the store the other day and I ended up with a bunch of cute clothes for cheap! I love how it's a little less preppy and more of what I would wear now!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  7. I had a very similar experience with them a few months ago haha!!

  8. Yes! I was in the States a month ago and noticed a big change in Abercrombie ... definitely a change for the better! The jeans are amazing x

  9. Abercrombie was my obsession in high school, everything had to be from Abercrombie! LOL.

  10. i love to read your blogposts! i feel like we are friends, even though you don't know meπŸ˜‰

  11. Shout out to my fifteen year old self who wore entirely A&F and Hollister all-day-every-day INCLUDING a logo top with logo bottoms - oh em gee...but this looks a lot better!!! Loveeee Cate xx

  12. I really love how soft all their clothes are ~0~ But I do think it's very hit or miss in there. I missed your writing, Elle! I'm so happy to see you're updating again!

    Rosegold Fox

  13. Isn't it funny how, like everything it seems, comes back around..? What was once "old" is new again! Even the places we went to as teens (I mean, you may think you'll never go back to Chucky Cheese, but 15 yrs later, there you are with your child playing "Whack-a-Mole"..)..ok...suddenly "I" want to play "Whack-a-Mole"! Anyway... I love this post, Elle! And I'm hoping (like fashion & colors & decor) that this is something that's "come back around"...I've missed them!

  14. A&F has never been a store I was in love with. I remember my grandma buying us clothes from there when they'd have their big sales, but that's about it. Now my brother had pretty much everything they sold that would fit a boy lol.

  15. A&F has never been a store I was in love with. I remember my grandma buying us clothes from there when they'd have their big sales, but that's about it. Now my brother had pretty much everything they sold that would fit a boy lol.

  16. Love your style and decor posts so much :) nothing makes me happier to read. You are such a good writer, the words flow from you naturally and it feels like you are sharing a part of your diary with us.

    Love love

    You're the best Elle, in any method you communicate. Blessings from Canada


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