Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Thoughts on Eyelash Fibers and Primers

It's raining here in Punta Cana, so instead of being in the pool with a Pina Colada I am here, tap tap tapping away at my laptop. For the past week I have been trying a new eyelash combination and thought I would share my thoughts with you. 

I've had eyelash extensions on and off (mostly on) for about a year now, but my very last one has fallen off on this trip, so I have been trying these two lash products on my bare lashes (as one should).  

The products in question? The new L'oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara and the Milani Length in Seconds Lash Extension Fibers.

Let's chat about the mascara first. First of all, I'm a big fan of almost all of L'oreal's mascaras and especially their original voluminous formula. This new one features two ends, one which is a white primer and the other, your usual black mascara. Mascara primers have always stumped me, because I don't actually feel that they do much. Maybe it's my lashes in particular, but even when layered on, following by copious amounts of black mascara to cover the white, I still don't feel that it looks much different than the same amount of mascara would have done. This is usually how it goes down:

*Lolly Lolly, here I am applying for white primer! My lashes are going to be super luscious and thick and impressive! So impressive that everyone on the streets will stop me and ask, "What mascara are you using! It's so lovely and magical!"*

*Ok, here goes the mascara! I love this mascara on it's own I guess but with the primer it is going to be transformed and everyone will ask me if I have extensions and I will be like, "No, it's just a drugstore mascara! And they will be so impressed!" Oh wait... why is it kinda gray? Why isn't it covering the white, like at all? Maybe I'll try to wiggle it differently on the other eye?*

*Um ok... that didn't work either. Even this second coat is kinda gray? Did I apply it wrong? Maybe my lashes are too light to begin with so combined with the white primer they turn like ultra white and they are just like... not right? For the primer?*

*Third coat. Oh. Ok. I mean I guess it's black now, and super thick. But kinda crunchy and also wouldn't three coats on it's own still have achieved this same effect? I feel very unsure about this whole experience.*

So... yeah, lash primers are weird for me and something I am never sure is worth it. 

My thoughts overall on this mascara? I like the mascara side, but I'm not sure it's QUITE as good as just the original voluminous mascara, and I'm overall unsure about primers. While this is an OK mascara and there is nothing wrong with it, it's not one I would repurchase again only because it's not more than ok. 

Moving on to the lash fibers. These are not the first lash fibers I have tried, but I was curious about this one in particular because you buy this tube separately and not alongside any particular mascara, which means you can use any mascara you want. Most fibers I have seen are packaged along with a mascara you are meant to use with it, and I am picky about my mascaras. 

These fibers are meant to be applied to your wet lash tips after the application of a coat of mascara, and then covered with another coat of mascara. 

Here's the thing though... lash fibers literally make your lashes look like furry tarantula's legs. They DO make your lashes look bigger but they do so by kinda clinging onto your lashes like little baby furs (which essentially, they are) and if you look closely they look furry. I feel that this is a very odd look and it throws me off when I try to use products like this. That being said, I continue to use them because I would rather have furry lashes than no lashes at all which is essentially what I look like when I am wearing just a base of mascara and that's it. 

Overall... I'm unsure about the fibers. I don't hate them, and they definitely do work, I'm just not sure of the end result. For now, I will keep using them, but I will do so knowing that furry spider legs are the result (and that's ok).

What do you guys think about primers and fibers? Have you found a secret combination that just works?


  1. I just use false eyelashes and I love them.

  2. I hate them. I just add waterproof 2-3 coats. Waterproof mascara dries fast and therefore you can add layers without it getting clumpy. Not to mention any wedding or whatever you won't have mascara running down your face. It also makes your lashes look longer because it builds out on the tip ends but it does take 2 to 3 coats. It can be a pain to get off but I usually let the water run on my eyes in the shower and slightly pull it off or use a waterproof mascara remover.

  3. I love Urban Decay's Subversion primer, and I was never that impressed with primers before. My lashes are naturally black, and I've never noticed leftover white or grey with the Subversion. I also start with a light coat on the tips of my lashes, then brush what's left from the base--the opposite of what I do with mascara. It makes my lashes look longer without making them clumpy and spidery.

    I've only tried one type of fibers (a friend sells Younique), and while I did have lashes for days, I'm not personally a fan of that fuzzy thing. Or the flaking. Or having to rake through clumps with my lash comb every time. Also, three coats minimum (mascara-fibers-mascara) is a bit much. I can get almost the same length and cleaner volume with primer and one coat of mascara. That fiber business was, for me, just as time consuming as falsies and with a messier result.

  4. Loving the blog posts. : )

    Only the lancome primer has worked for me, and i only put it on the tips to lengthen. The blinc mascara with fibers is the only one i have liked that don't look like trantrula legs and didn't poke my eyes durung the day :)
    I bet It would still look nice on you. Extra lashes are always fun.

    I tried latisse to get mine to a normal length again (and went to every second day after a month) and after one bottle I stopped and I have just left them alone with just mascara. They are now healthier and are a longer length (and a little more naturally curled, amazingly)...

    I had not changed my eyelash curler for a while and broke and pulled out a few, so this process set me straight (a lot of spas that carry it have deals occasionally as well if you shop around).

    I am now using lancome drama volumn mascara and I am loving my lashes (minus the bald patches) finally.

    Mucho affection from Canada

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  6. I've never tried this but I was thinking about starting lately because I feel like my lashes are becoming less... full? But I'm nervous about it because I don't want my lashes to look fuzzy!

    Rosegold Fox

  7. I would recommend the benefit primer, it is brown tinted instead of white and I feel like it does make my mascara look better. Its also good to wear alone on a light makeup day. So glad you are blogging again!

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