Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Massage at the Hard Rock: A Review

You know that one thing that you find it impossible to pass up spending money on? It might be an expensive coffee shop, or a rare bookstore, or a regular mani down your street, but whatever it is, I feel that all of us have one "splurge" that we know we could go without but we do it anyway, every time. 

For me, it's massages when I'm on vacation. 

I know, I know. But listen, there are a ton of health benefits to regular massages in addition to it making you feel loose as a goose (but I wouldn't recommend getting drunk afterwards). Sometimes I'll get a pedicure, or a facial, but honestly, 99% of the time I will opt for a massage. 

I love massages. 

Massages have many health benefits such as reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system, reduced stress, increased joint mobility and flexibility, heightened mental alertness, improved skin tone, and reduced anxiety and depression. They can also help with back pain (check), chronic pain (check), and insomnia (check check check) so... yeah. I love them. 

All that science stuff aside, I love the way they make me feel, so here I am, at the Hard Rock Punta Cana, and I have decided to start a new series called "Spa Treatments and What I Thought" (a working title). Here we go.

Spa: Rock Spa at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana

Treatment Name: Relaxing Massage

Official Description: Restore your vital energy with this full body massage. Let the tension and stress disappear on contact. This massage provides a wonderful sense of well-being, as it improves circulation, relaxes muscles, and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Thoughts: This was basically a Swedish massage with a little bit of Lomi-Lomi thrown in. Normally I'm a bit more "adventurous" with my massages, and will select one that looks unique to that particular spa, but my mom booked these as a mother/daughter thing, and regardless of its plainness it was wonderful. The spa itself is huge, definitely one of the largest ones I have ever visited, and was underground (don't you know all the best spas are?) so it was very dark and cave-like. And massive, did I mention that? I actually got lost trying to find the entrance, and then lost again trying to find the locker area, and then I just kinda stood there like a bump on a log waiting for someone to tell me where to go... I think finally someone took pity on me and led me about a mile underground, past many a pool, past many a waterfall, to my room. Oh, and you aren't allowed to have anything with you, even your phone, but being the rebel I am I snuck mine in my pocket and then was too nervous to use it so I just sat there hoping it wouldn't vibrate. Lol.

Would I recommend?: Yes, the spa is gorgeous and the treatment was totally relaxing. 

Would I go again?: Yes, we have a bunch of free room credit that was a sign up bonus for booking within a certain window for a certain number of nights (I'm not even really sure all I know is we have free room credit), so I plan on visiting the spa a few more times before the end of this trip. I'll keep you posted :) 

Also, this resort is huge (like 2 miles long?) and I think Jurassic park is literally right across the road. Like it's right there. Even the electric fence to keep the raptors in (out?)... take a look: 


I'm curious... what's your "one thing"?


  1. For me it's facials. I love getting massages but on my face :) My face feels so soft and relaxed afterwards. And I will definitely get one this week. Your post inspired me to pamper myself! Love you, Elle.

  2. I'm also a massage girl! Can't go past them - always makes me feel so relaxed after! x

  3. Getting my hair washed before a trim. I don't get my haircut often, as that in itself is a bit of a luxury right now, but unless my stylist doesn't have time, I always get the shampoo and styling extras. It's a little thing, but just having someone else wash and then style my hair is so nice. (I love having my hair played with, so having a professional spend extra time on it is just the best. If we had a Drybar or a local knock-off, I'd probably be there a lot!)

  4. blow outs. i have very tricky hair. and if I want to spoil myself I often get one or get my eyebrows done professionally.

  5. I love facial and manicure. Whenever I am at the spa I will have at least one of thouse.

  6. I think mine would have to be art supplies. No matter what, whenever I go into an art supply store I always end up getting things that I don't necessarily need but really love getting! This inspires me for a post of my own, thanks, Elle!

    Rosegold Fox

  7. Books and Thai food honestly. I always buy a new book when I travel and go to get Pad Thai that the locals recommend.

  8. My thing(s) would have to be nice dinners out and Broadway tickets! I feel like I have to take advantage of these things while living in NYC, no? Hamilton is next on my list!

    Alec @

  9. Elle you are a terrific writer!!! I enjoy your blog posts :)

  10. A facial is the ultimate in having a "heaven on earth" feeling during a get the extra benefit of doing something good for skin/face. I just love, love, LOVE vacations/getaways!

  11. Your writing is so enjoyable to read. You could write super long posts and I bet everyone would read them to the end.

    As for that spa, it looks divine, I think I am in need of some relaxation and pampering. My splurge would be The Nordic Spa here in Canada (across the bridge from Ottawa, in Quebec), for steam baths, hot and cold pools, and aromatherapy treatments. I will have to try a massage next time : )


  12. I can never resist books and art supplies!

  13. I love getting my hair washed and styled! That's my biggest treat yo' self splurge. I also really enjoy getting my nails done, but I bite them when I get stressed, so I don't get to do that as often as I would hope. Seeing the picture of the pool makes me want to check out the resort!

  14. Dear Elle, I have been reading your blog for a long enough period of time to get me inspired to start writing my own one. Today, I wrote my first post, which is a benefit haul + review. It would mean the world to me if you checked it out:

    Thank you so much, lots of love from Europe! xx

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