Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Book Babble

In the last 2 weeks I have read 3 books. Although I would consider myself a reader, in the past year I have been slacking on the book front, mostly because I couldn't find time for it. I used to read before bed every night in my "before-Alex" life, but now I want to spend that time with him, so reading has been pushed to the side, becoming something I would only do while traveling. Alex also enjoys reading, but he does this in the mornings before I even wake up, so he continued to get his reading fix.

Then, about 2 weeks ago, I had a day where I was feeling quite sick (blame Aunt Flo) and I told the sticker sorority (we have a group chat called "Alpha Glamma Planna") (lol) that I needed a personal day, and shut myself up in my room. I pulled out my iPad as I wanted to be able to purchase an instant book (although, to be honest, I quite hate the digital book thing and much prefer actual hardcopy books) and selected "The Siren" by Kiera Cass, and Oh. My. Goodness.

My love of reading came whishing back like a train off the tracks ready to wipe everything out. 

Since then I have been making little bits of time daily to read, whether it be in the morning over my cup (or 3) of coffee, or for a few minutes right before bed, and I feel a lot of feels about it. 

First of all, I feel happier. 

Second of all, I feel sadder, mostly because my whole life revolves around trying to figure out when I can next read. I miss the days of being able to read for days and days on end in the summers of my youth. (lol)

Anyway, I thought I would babble on about the book I mentioned above.

The Siren by Kiera Cass: The world has seen vampires, witches, and werewolves come into teen fiction, followed by Fae (Fairies) and pretty much every other type of mythical folk, but this was the first book I have seen in the "Teen Fiction" genre that is about Sirens. Sirens are known in folklore as the beautiful women who would lure sailors to their doom using their magical voices. Their ships would crash into deadly rocks or the sailors would jump to their death willingly, trying to get closer to the beautiful music. This book is about the Sirens, and the life and slavery they are bound to. 

The book follows a girl named Kahlen who has been a siren for 80 years by the time this book starts. In this world, sirens aren't born, they are made. If the Ocean decides she wants another Siren, then during the next "sinking" she looks to see if there is a suitable girl on the ship. If there is, she offers them their life in exchange for 100 years of Sirenhood (slavery), after which they return to being mortal and can live in the human world. 

Of course there is a love story and a bunch of teenage angst and overall it's a lovely read. 

It's GOOD. I recommend it, and this book had a pull that pulled me right back into the world of constant reading and was quickly followed by 2 more books. 

Have you read any books lately that you loved? 


  1. I'm like you Elle, I've been stuck in a reading rut. I realise as we get older we sort of push those things aside for "grown up" stuff. I went back to where my love of books started and started reading Harry Potter. Just added The Siren to my wishlist :) xx

  2. Oh goodness, I LOVED that book too! I got married last year, and am in the same boat - read voraciously my whole youth and young adult life, but now, married with cats (=D) and a full time job, I just don't have the time and when I do, I want to spend it with my hubs or I'm too tired to keep my eyes open! The Siren totally tapped into my need to read and I've been searching for a new book to draw me in like The Siren did!

    I also want to say that I absolutely understand the YT stuff. I've been watching you since the beginning, I'm 28 and it was absolutely amazing watching a girl my age who loved makeup like I do. It was wonderful having someone to relate to when everyone else was like LOL WUT? But YT has changed, it's true. You're a fantastic writer and I would love to read any and all blog posts you write. I guess what I'm saying is I'll follow you wherever you go and if that means not doing anything like that anymore then I'll be here wishing you the very best and grateful for all of the funny moments, amazing looks, home decor posts and Pinecone posts. I do, hope you'll share pictures of your wedding though, because you are going to be THE most beautiful bride! Take care Elle!!! <3

  3. I've enjoyed The Selection Series lately. I've picked up The Hobbit though and you can never go wrong with a classic!

  4. ELLE. You should read Since You've Been gone if you haven't already! It's adorable and I think you would love it. :) Love your blog posts lately!

  5. The Wrath and the Dawn is amazing! Came out last year and the sequel comes out in April.

  6. The Wrath and the Dawn is amazing! Came out last year and the sequel comes out in April.

  7. I've recently finished the mortal instruments series and started the infernal devices. There's a new book that just came out that is a sequel to the mortal instruments. If you haven't read those yet you definitely should.

  8. Speaking of Sororities, I recently joined one on my campus. Would you consider writing a post about maybe some of your experience? Are you still involved with your sorority? Just a curious new member :) XO

  9. Last book I read and loved was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Currently working my way through reading The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, totally recommend that too!

    From Roya Eve :)

  10. I completely understand you. I'm in college right now and I'm so overwhelmed with classes and other activities that I can barely find time to read. I used to be in love with reading, and now I'm trying so hard to find that love again. I'm going to give this book a try. It seems like something I would love!

  11. I have trouble finding time to read these days, also, with a full-time job, working out (I can't read on my elliptical or get into audio books), and spending QT with my boyfriend and dog. I try to read on my lunch breaks, but that's usually the only time I can find.

    But I did stumble across a crime series that had me staying up way too late because I couldn't put it down. The Tracy Crosswhite series by Robert Dugoni is a good read if you like that sort of thing! I found it through Kindle Unlimited.

    PS: I've missed your book talks!

  12. I don't have much time to read, but when I was on a trip, I picked up a copy of The Beautiful and Damned to read when I get a chance! I've been gravitating towards classics lately, but I want to re-read the Divergent series when I get a chance!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  13. I defiantly need to make more time for reading. I too use to read books like crazy, but just haven't had the time with YouTube and my blog. Always love your book recommendations. I became hooked over the Lauren Oliver books thanks to you. My favorite is still the delirium series.

  14. I finally read Me Before You for the first time, and I'm so happy I did. I cried my eyes out. But it was such a good story, that I really related to.

  15. I love Kiera Cass! It's so nice to see a book post from you :)
    I have been reading The Mortal Instruments like everyone else in the comments! A new wave of fans are coming with the author's newest release I think.
    It's so nice that you're posting here so much!

  16. I used to read a lot more as a kid but since I met my husband it's been... more difficult to get lost in the pages of a new book, so I completely understand you on that one! It feels great to be able to actually read again but then it becomes like an addiction XD I really missed your writing, Elle, you have this very natural way of writing that is just fun to read! I think I'm going to give your book recommendation a go, I've been really hooked on chick lit lately and I would love to get lost in another genre again.

    Rosegold Fox

  17. I have The Siren on my wishlist, because I love the Selection series, and I picked up the Selection on your (Elle) recommendation. Is The Siren a stand-alone book from Cass? Your review alone made me pull the trigger and order it! :D

  18. The Sticker Sorority - I love it! Can I pledge from NYC?

    I'll have to check this book out. My favorite books I've read recently are: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Me Before You (movie comes out this summer!), and To All The Boys I've Loved Before (all of this authors books are amazing!).

    Alec @

  19. Oh, how I've missed these book reviews!!! So glad you've been bitten by the reading/writing bug...woohoo! Can't wait for the next one!!!

  20. I have to add this series to my Goodreads list, currently the book series I have been loving is the Chicagoland Vampire Series by Chloe Neill, just finished booked 12 Midnight Marked.

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