Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Just a super quick update!

Sephora is having a limited time 8% cash back sales at Ebates! Normally it's 2.5% so this is really good! - Link!

Plus use these codes!
 - Use code "10DAYS" for a 10-day supply of Algenist Retoniol Firming and Lifting Serum with $25 purchase.
 - Use code "VIBSKINIQ" for a sample bag with 9 skincare samples with $35 purchase.
 - Use code "DIORFLASH" for a deluxe sample of Diorshow Mascara with $25 purchase.
 - Use code "DIORCLEAN" for a deluxe sample of Dior's Cleansing Oil with $25 purchase.
 - Use code "GOODGENES" for a sample of the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment with $25 purchase.

J.Crew is also doing double back, they have gone from 3% to 6% cash back! - Link!

More posts will be up soon! I have a big 4-in-1 haul coming soon :)


  1. Since you got me hooked on Ebates, the total amount of money I have saved can now feed half of a village. THANK YOU ELLE.

  2. Ahh man i jusr ordered my clarisonic from sephora two days ago :( i am sad now

  3. This posts are so helpful- not for my wallet but oh well- thanks :)

  4. I've tried eBates before, but it never works for me. I shop on all the time and i go to eBates first to get to make Nordstrom purchases, but when I look at my history on eBates. it says i didnt do anything. Ive emailed them about it, but they've never replied.

    1. You have to click it and make sure a page comes up saying "opening ticket" - and then it will work!

  5. Ebates gets pretty addicting!

  6. I haven't tried this before but you've got me hooked! My wallet isn't going to be too happy!

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    K xo

  7. Ahh thank you, Elle!

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  9. Ebates is great but you guys should try Swagbucks, you get free gift cards for searching the Web and watching videos etc. I started in April and I've already received 10 gift cards! You can also double up and use your free gift cards from Swagbucks to purchase something thru Ebates to get cash back! It's great!

  10. So I took the plunge and signed up for Ebates! Shopping on Sephora's site now! :D

  11. Love when you give us discounts Elle! :)

  12. Also checkout they are having a Get $10 off your order of $50 or more! Plus, get free standard shipping.xoxo

  13. i went to forever21 to get the mint pouch posted on the sidebar but they dont have that color anymore :( IMSOSAD

  14. This is AMAZING but I still can't afford this. Money is tight. But I really do appreciate all of these coupons and codes. (:

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  15. I wish I could get Ebates in Ireland... ><

    I also have a giveaway running on my blog at the moment. :3 Just for anyone who is interested.

  16. Thank you for the info Elle! I'm lovin this blog! A blog on how to be the best at beauty, singing, fashion, dancing, and other talents!


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