Friday, June 14, 2013

Obsessed with an Acid?

Hyaluronic acid. The word itself sends shivers down my spine and causes images of chemistry class to flash in my head… not pretty. It sounds horrifying, and that’s why I think we should all petition to rename it something less acidic…Let’s all call it “skin couture”. It sounds chic.

Scariness aside, Hyaluronic acid is my new best friend. I have been using this ingredient in various skincare products over the years without even realizing it, and trust me… had I seen the word “acid” on the packaging I would have ran away from it. You see, I have dry, dehydrated, sensitive (kind of) skin, and I tend to go for anything promising nourishment and moisture. Acid seems the opposite, right? Wrong!

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is already naturally present in the human body. It works by acting as a lubricant in the joints and tissues in your body, and is present in the highest concentrations in your eyeballs.

“But, what does this have to do with skincare,” you might wonder?

This little acid is one of the most water-loving molecules in nature and therefore has been described as the “fountain of youth”. The Hyaluronic acid provides moisture to the skin by binding up to 1000 times its weight in water, which then plumps your skin. When you lose this naturally occurring acid, which happens with age, you get wrinkles.

The beauty industry is not unaware of this, so it is already in the majority of “hydrating” products out there. You know that Pevonia Botanical Myoxy-Caviar skincare line that I have gushed about for years? I looked it up today, just to see, and sure enough… it has Hyaluronic acid. *Mind Blown*

Some of you might have known this already, and might be thinking, “Geez, Elle, you are late to the game! We have eaten our hot dogs already!” but the majority of you probably will have never thought about what makes the products work the way they do. Call me a geeky beauty girl, but this fascinates me. Sign me up for more!

So the point of this post was to get you to go out and find a product with Hyalourinc acid, and use it! Do it! I don’t care if you have oily, acne-prone skin – every skin type can benefit from this little bundle of joy. (Unless you are allergic to it, in which case I would run away from it and beat it with a stick. But then again, if you are allergic to your own eyeball acid maybe you have already figured out an alternative.)

P.S. If you live in the UK and can get to a Boots, pick up the Hydraluron Moisture Booster from Indeed Labs. I haven’t tried it, (you can’t get it in the US) but it’s meant to be amazing and as soon as I can get my hands on it I will do a review. For you American readers, most skincare brands carry something specifically featuring hyaluronic acid, in serum form. I am trying a few out and will get back to you on my favorites, but the fact that I have been using this all along in my Pevonia skincare line makes me so super happy *waves arms around*.


  1. I just bought a couple of sheet masks with hyaluronic acid in them from Daiso, a Japanese dollar store. I was excited to try them before, but after reading your post I am even more excited. My skin has been super dry lately and I hope this helps.

  2. Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient! Another ingredient that I highly recommend but tends to scare people away just by the sound of it is glycolic acid in creams. Glycolic acid isn't just great for masks or peels, it's also amazing in creams as it helps gently exfoliate the skin which means no more scrubs needed! It also helps with reducing the appearances of wrinkles and getting rid of dark spots (whether it's from the sun or acne). Just be careful as it does make your skin more sensitive to light because it's revealing younger skin! Make sure to wear that sunscreen! And if you love that self-tanner of yours, I HIGHLY recommend getting a body lotion with 8%-10% glycolic acid! It will get rid of all the dead skin. I recommend applying it at night so that you don't have to lather on sunscreen during the day (still put some on though!). Just a tip to those who are interested in trying something like this, make sure you don't apply it after shaving your legs! It burns... I learnt the hard way :P

  3. I love this new blog... It's nice for when I'm not somewhere where I can listen to your YouTube videos :) you're due for a Glitterature tho! It feels like its been ages!

  4. Going to the uk in two weeks I'm absolutely going to try to get hydraluron moisture booster you mentioned! Thanks for the tip!!
    Want me to get you some while I'm there? Haha!
    Thanks for this great post :-)
    Kallie, But First, Coffee

    1. Come to the Boots in Bishopsgate (if u come to London) I work there and can get you a discount! ;D

  5. Every time you say "eyeballs" it makes me giggle because I can picture the tone of voice and accent you use when you say it in your videos. ;P

  6. If you like the science behind beauty items, you should check out the book, "Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm?" I love that book and I think it would be right up your alley. There is also a blog run by the same person/ people called "The Beauty Brains." Hope this helps feed your hunger for science-y beauty littature. :)

  7. I tried one of my hyaluronic acid sheet mask from Daiso last night and it was amazing! My skin feels so much better! The added bonus to my sheet mask is that it only cost 75 cents!

  8. Thanks so much for the tip for us British gals about the hydraluron moisture booster! I can even get some staff discount! Just what I've been looking for coming up to prom!

  9. It a really good tip! The same goes with oily skin and moisturizing! Keep up the good work!


  10. Hi Elle :)
    I love your hair in your profile picture... Could you please do a tutorial?

  11. I love hyaluronic acid! I tried out the Hydraluron but I found that the Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum does a much better job!

  12. Hyaluronic acid can be also called hyaluronan. (Maybe you like that name better?) And it's also used to treat various joint conditions in humans and ... horses!
    Anyway. They extract that stuff from the combs of roosters that are bred (and killed) exclusively for that purpose. So some people might find it unethical. Not trying to be judgy here, but I think everyone should know what they're putting in their faces and then decide if it's ok with them.

    By the way, I'm liking your new blog. Will we see some decor related posts in the future?

  13. Wow I never knew.
    I'm LOVING your blog <3

  14. I buy my own hyaluronic acid together with ther cocoa buter and shea butter and make my own whipped body butter! This way, i know exactly what is in it . The hyaluronic acid is like a white powder and if you mix it with distilled water it creates a gel which you can easily incorporate into any cream and in this way you can control the amount you put in it unlike the ready bought creams which contain only a very small amount. You should check it out :)

  15. “Geez, Elle, you are late to the game! We have eaten our hot dogs already!”

    I didn't know about hyaluronic acid! Thanks!

  16. Just posted about two drugstore products with hyaluronic acid! Check it out!

  17. Helloo Elle !! I'm following you on internet, youtube and your old web page I think more than 3 years... and I adore you both sisters, it helped me so much your advices and tips for beauty, fashion and absolutely everything about one girl should know.... For this Acid I didn't hearr and I don't know how it's work but never mind ....... Just keep going forward ... And love your new blog it's great you should try to post daily looks/outfits if you can or want.... Here is my blog pls visit ..... Love you so muchh... hugs for you and kisses....


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